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        Company Profile

        Company Profile

        Jiangsu Hengbo Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has made breakthroughs in special engineering plastics such as PEEK (PAEK) through years of efforts, and developed a complete set of resin modification, injection molding of finished parts and continuous extrusion of plates, rods and tubes. Molding technology. Humber offers PEEK (PAEK) sheets, rods and tubing in different sizes and models, as well as carbon fiber/glass fiber reinforced PEEK (PAEK) prepregs and laminates. At the same time, Hengbo can provide a variety of injection products according to customer needs, including: screws, nuts, compressor gaskets, bearings and joints.

        Hengbo Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has various continuous production lines, several horizontal injection molding machines, continuous fiber impregnated sheet production lines, molding machines and other production and processing equipment. It can be designed and processed according to customer's drawings or sample requirements. Injection molding and molding die for easy processing of samples and mass production.

        Since its establishment, Jiangsu Hengbo Composite Materials Co., Ltd. has been relying on excellent products, considerate services, comprehensive industry channels and professional technical advantages, adhering to the business philosophy of "credit first, quality first, customer first", and gradually won the majority. Customer satisfaction and trust. Looking forward to sincere cooperation with like-minded colleagues, you are welcome to inquire, visit, and exchange!
        Business Scope
        1. Hengbo composite materials produce various PEEK (PAEK) profiles, including bars, plates, pipes, etc., and can also develop and produce various customized products, such as: PEEK (PAEK) bearings, screws, gaskets, rollers, etc. The profile can be processed according to customer and market demand.
        2. Hengbo Composite Materials develops and produces PEEK (PAEK) materials with continuous fiber reinforcement, including PAEK materials with continuous reinforcement of carbon fiber and glass fiber. The material can be shaped and processed according to customer and market demand.

        3. Based on professional R&D, testing and application capabilities, Hengbo Composite Materials provides technical support, market research and after-sales services for downstream application industries and companies of PEEK (PAEK) materials, covering industries and automobiles (hydrogen energy). Automobile), spraying, marine equipment, civilian products (bags, sporting goods).


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