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        Antimicrobial Additives Agent

        1.Product Introduction
        GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials can also continuously catalyze the conversion of water and oxygen to reactive oxygen species (ROS) to kill microbe via non-contact killing mechanism. It could generate different type of ROS, targeting different applications.

        GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials have no drug resistance development, no chemical releasing, and no environmental contamination. It has high efficacy against various bacteria (Superbugs), fungi and virus.

        GERM ARMOR® antimicrobial materials also have long-term activity, its lifetime could be as long as 10 years.

        2.Product Parameter 

        Table 1 General properties




        2.1~3.5 g/cm3

        Melting point


        Boiling point




        Particle Size


        3.Product Feature and Application
        ?Coatings and Paints
        ?Sanitizing water

        ?Others (Food application/Agriculture) 

        4.Products lists

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