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        PEEK Injection Molded

        PEEK Injection Molded are well known as having the best balance of chemical resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance among all thermoplastic. 
        PEEK Injection Molded are of various specifications and shapes, such as plates/ sheets, bars/rods, pipes, films, monofilaments, etc.

        Chemical resistance: PEEK Injection Molded Product is resistant to various acid and alkali solutions in a wide temperature box concentration except for concentrated strong oxidizing acid. PEEK can be used in almost all solvents in various temperature and concentration ranges.

        Wear resistance:PEEK Injection Molded Product is very suitable for use in high temperature/high pressure/high speed/corrosive transmission environment; it is suitable for oil-free lubrication and use in the environment with strict purity requirements.

        High temperature resistance: The long-term service temperature of PEEK Injection Molded Products is 260℃, and the thermal deformation temperature of PEEK reinforcement grade is as high as 315℃. 

        Extremely high mechanical properties: PEEK Injection Molded Product is extremely high tensile, compressive and impact strength, which will maintain excellent mechanical properties when used at a high temperature.

        Excellent dimensional stability: An extremely high rigidity and creep strength, a low water absorption rate and a small linear expansion coefficient.

        Anti-hydrolysis and radiation:PEEK Injection Molded Product can be used in high temperature and high pressure water vapor environment for a long time, has extremely strong resistance to X and Y ray radiation, and has good flame retardant and electrical performance. UL94V-0 grade can be achieved without adding any flame retardant, and it has good electrical performance even at a high temperature.

        High purity: PEEK Injection Molded has extremely low metal ion content, and emits very few ions and gases when the vacuum is high. It is very suitable for applications in semiconductor, ultra-pure water and other industries with strict requirements for purity.

        PEEK Injection Molded Typical applications: Aerospace/Automotive/Medical/Semiconductor/Electronics/Petrochemical/Analytical instruments/General machinery etc.

        JIANGSU HENGBO COMPOSITE MATERIALS CO LTD is a China-based company with a strong focus in the area of high performance innovation materials which including novel environmental benign antimicrobial products,PEEK Injection Molded Products and high-end thermoplastic composite materials. 
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